Well it’s been over a year…

And I can tell, because I recently ranted about RUOK day being stupid, and here it is, the last blog entry is the same thing from last year. haha. Well it is. Stupid. But anyway…

A lot has happened in the last year. I’ve let go of some committees like the Better Harts Board and the NYE Festival. Too much stress and time spent away from Bjorn and my house. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for The Border Watch, which was one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had. Too easy. No challenges, and a pay packet to match. But it came at a good time, and they’re lovely people. During this time (which ended up being only 8 months), I bought the car of my dreams, although the manual-ness of it has been a nightmare for Bjorn to have to learn. He’s spent some periods away in Adelaide which has been good for him as far as reconnecting with friends goes. My brother had a major heart attack, and my mum had her second lot of brain surgery (the following week). Very, very stressful times, so it was fortunate that I had a very unstressful job.

Then after getting back from mum’s surgery, and while Bjorn was still in Adelaide, I noticed a pdf in our email at work for a job ad. I opened it to see Main Corner Venue Coordinator, City of Mount Gambier. Due the next day. I’d been away and hadn’t seen it in the paper. It was more or less the exact kind of job I’d done for eleven years in Adelaide. New multi-million dollar building. Hiring it out for conferences and events, and also running community programs. So I stayed up all night putting together a rushed application. Sending off emails at 2am regarding references (most recent ones had been in the area of design).

To cut a long story short, I got an interview, got the job, and even had my probation approved at the 7 week mark instead of waiting 3 months.

I’m loving it. I’ve got more responsibility than I’ve probably ever previously had (although O’Weeks were harder to run there was usually a good team of student directors).

I’m also TRYING to cut back on the freelance design work. Finishing a few things that I’d already committed to do. But now I’d like to focus on doing creative stuff for myself. Being asked to be a part of the Sole Sisters Collective exhibition, and having my artwork sell, was a huge boost to my creative urge, and also the amount of comments and sales enquiries I get about my terrarium necklaces that I’ve hand sculpted and painted.

So between the new job responsibilities and cherishing time at home with Bjorn and the pets, and also trying to get some arts and crafts squeezed in there, I guess you could say I have achieved a fair bit of fulfilment.

The next step is to squeeze more exercise into that chockas lifestyle. I’ve already started using a new CPAP machine to sleep (which I have to say, is amazing to have a new one that is SOOO much quieter and intuitive), and that’s given me more energy to face my days.

But in the end, I felt selfish for pulling back from the community groups I used to volunteer for, but sometimes you have to put yourself and your family first. Looking back, I regret nothing. Things have to happen for a reason. Everything I’ve done has led to me being where I am today, and I’ve had both a stressful year, and an awesome one. Swings and roundabouts. xx



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