Today is apparently R U OK day? A national initiative to get people ‘connected’ in a bid to prevent suicides. So… because social media is jam packed with this little four-letter buzz phrase, this is going to help those people who suffer from depression and anxiety every single day of the year?

People who need to have people care about them aren’t going to be helped by this. In fact, it’s probably a bit insulting that the only reason anyone is enquiring about their wellbeing is because of some highly paid marketing wanker who came up with the phrase.  Sure it’s nice for people who are ok, and they’re pleased to have their friends take the time today to ask. It’s all nice and fluffy… and safe… and not doing the job all those dollars spent on the campaign were meant to achieve.

It’s a waste of money. And really… REAL friends should be checking in on their mates all the time anyway, especially those who they know are having a tough time or suffer from these crippling conditions.

And I’m not even sure the question should be R U OK? Unless you’re prepared for the answer to be “no, I want to take a shotgun to my head and pull the trigger”…. which I’m sure for most people would be met with…. *awkward silence*

People who are contemplating suicide and suffering from mental health issues need to be treated like they are normal. Need to be included in the typical daily banter amongst friends. Need to get random funny sms’s just because. This is what helps. This is what makes them understand that the people that are in their circle love them and think about them.

Not some superficial buzzword campaign.

Too much money and effort gets spent on these stupid things that help no one. Or don’t help the people I know that need them most. Like having the words “Ambassador for Beyond Blue” on your resume. Really? WTF does that even mean. Bit of a tangent I know, but I came across this last year and was disgusted. It all looks great in writing on your credentials and might even win you some awards. More crud for your CV, but I’ve never known you to do anything for Beyond Blue in our region, and never heard of any kind of worthwhile campaign or outreach program that will actually help those who need it.

More access to counselling. Hey how about some free counselling?? Now that would be a worthwhile way to spend those bucks you just wasted on the most pretentious piece of tripe I’ve come across in recent time.

R U OK? Well for today, I am. Thanks for asking, and don’t forget to check in this time next year when you’re prompted by facebook to do so.


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