I guess you could call it disappointment…

When you’ve been with a company from the start. I mean from it’s inception. And now you feel as if you’re just a thorn in their side….

I helped them get their first liquor license (they were in my name), got them their first security company they still use today. Drafted contracts and sponsorship proposals. Hell I even registered their ABN for them.

Six years later nothing I say matters. I get told to ‘get a life’ when I try to get everyone on track with proper procedures. I’m laughed at for going on about photographers cutting off elbows… when from a design point of view it makes the photo totally worthless. You can’t put a giant torso on a poster, so therefore you need the shot to be complete. It’s not fucking rocket science and shouldn’t be this hard!

And never mind the fact that every hour I spend having to search through photos that are almost identical, some that are out of focus, and then have to request the high res and wait for a response before I can actually do my work….. is an hour I don’t get to spend working on something for a full fee paying client.

I knew moving away from the city might make it slightly more difficult, but is it really? Internet, phone, email. Not really, that’s just an excuse I’m trying to give to help me resolve how we got to this point.

I don’t want it to be playing on my mind in the middle of the night like it did last night. I don’t want it to be a big deal because I’m sure it’s not for any of them, so why is it for me?

I’ve always been so proud of these guys, but there’s a lull that’s been hit and everyone now needs to pull their socks up if they want to maintain or, hopefully, grow. Is ridiculing people who are trying to help really the right way to go about it??


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