Sharing the drive

We’re off to Adelaide again today for Riot City Wrestling. And we’re setting an example for my government project and ‘sharing the drive’ (see

I brought along my crochet stuff. I’m trying to learn by myself and pretty much failing at it. Really want to make some red and black granny squares and sew them together for a blankie. I’ll get there. Its one of my many 2011 crafty goals. I’m also taking some handmade RCW necklaces to sell too, so that’s another goal fulfilled. Still tons to aim for though, including getting my Morris back on the road and branded with Gunhoundink. 🙂

I did almost stay home today though. It would have been my Aunties 60th birthday today and I know it’s a really hard day for mum. I’ll go up to the cemetery tomorrow. :(. Dads 60th is next month so there’s another milestone day that will be hard. Miss them both so so much. Each and every day. I think he’d be pretty proud of all the work I’ve done lately. I love him so much. 😦


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