Slooooooowwwwww Down…

Lately I’ve had quite a few deadlines pile on top of one another. The biggest site I’ve ever done, in conjunction with a programmer who takes care of the stuff that is well above my head, has taken a bit longer to pull off than anticipated, and a relatively simple wordpress site was held up due to the client not knowing their original site details, passwords etc.

Finally, I can see both of these coming to an end. Finally. After weighing me down for what seems like months.

Print work is still very steady with one client in particular keeping me juggling. And my regular day job is picking up and needs a great deal of my attention now, right when I’m feeling my flattest.
Every time I think I almost clear my plate, more work comes my way, and we’re still yet to even advertise.

On the one hand, it is great to have some steady income to work on a few housey things, like my garden bad and new to us, second hand oven. But on the other hand I’m freaking out a lot and my mind is constantly racing, reminding myself of stuff I can’t forget to do.
Clothes are chaos in my house. There’s always dishes to do, and my filing cabinet is in disarray.

I wake up tired.


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