Aussie Wrestling

After all the shit that I’ve heard that’s been said this week from so called “professional” wrestlers in Australia, Im pretty disgusted at the industry.

While I play such a ridiculously small role (doing design and marketing work for one fed – oh and can I add NOT the DVDs), I manage to get my name dragged out into the public by people who do not know me and have no right to criticise me. (Yes I’m fat. Big deal. But I probably work out more than you lazy fucks).

While I’d love nothing more than my wrestling friends to come out in my defence, I’m actually proud that Riot City Wrestling don’t buy into this online bullshit. They give me support and love but without fuelling the absurdity of the egotistical jerks out there who give Aussie wrestling such a bad name.

Fuck each and every one of you, and long live Riot City. All they care about is wrestling and putting on a great show for their fans. It’s about time the rest of you focus on doing the same thing. And those that are too old and lazy to wrestle? You really have nothing else to contribute so fuck off and find a new hobby. You’re not helping anyone.

Peace Out. That’s my final rant on the matter.


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