a new year hey?

Well far out. December 2010 was a total crap month for us. Actually the entire year wasn’t that fantastic. Just too many life changing events really. Redundancy and all the crap that goes along with centrelink and job searching, and now working part time and offsetting that with freelance work, which means chasing payments and doing paperwork. erg.

Add to that the loss of a baby we didn’t know we were having, which brings up all sorts of questions and emotions and is followed by lots of tests and the discovery of cysts and waiting to get the all clear on them.

Then comes December.

The lead up to Mum’s brain surgery was pretty daunting. Wills and Power of Attorneys and preparing yourself mentally for the worst, which, once you’ve been through a dramatic trauma like we have with Dad and Auntie Carol, then unfortunately your brain knows exactly what it’s like to receive bad news. Any time the phone rings you get a cold sweat. Driving past Mum’s house every morning and sighing with relief when her car isn’t there and you know she’s alive and at work. It’s a burden on the brain, but unavoidable. It comes with being a caring daughter.

Her admission to hospital was nerve wracking. Lots of ‘could happen’s including paralysis, strokes, seizures, all the stuff they legally have to prepare you for. And then the drama of her heading into surgery early and running through Adelaide to get to her in time. But we made it, and did our good luck kisses and possible goodbyes.

We were lucky though. She’s a bit of a superwoman my dear old mum. She made it through with flying colours and lives to shop another day (her words, not mine).

After only 4 days in hospital she was itching to come home. It seemed sudden, but then the world keeps moving and there’s always stuff to do. We stayed in Adelaide for the weekend and did the RCW Awards night. It’s always good to hang with our friends outside of the work we do for them.

But back to home, and to the reality that we hadn’t prepared at all for Christmas which was now looming over our heads. A seven hour drive to Kadina on Christmas day. Just me, Bjorn and Betty. I tried to look at it as being with the person I love most in the world, and my best friend the dog. Wasn’t very Christmassy though. We got roadhouse lunch at Tailem Bend, and it was horrible.

It was nice to catch up with Bjorn’s family for a few days though, and then the extended family I’d never met, all there to celebrate his Nanna’s 80th. Betty loved her time with 4 other dogs too!

Back to the Mount (again) and now suddenly I have 2 days to prepare for the second ever New Years Eve Festival.

Probably the hardest part about organising a festival on a volunteer committee is not being in charge. That probably sounds terrible, but I try so hard not to take over, and at the last minute feel myself picking up pieces that had nothing to do with me anyway. What a long day it was too. When I got there at 8am there were 26 porta loos dumped in the middle of the oval and nothing else. People kept commenting throughout the night about how organised everything was. Which is a great testament to how much work we did throughout the day.

So I was on my feet for probably 18 hours. Then back at my house for the after party I drank lemonade and watched as my friends drank on. I missed Jack incredibly, who was too sick to come down. But the rest of the wrestlers were there and they got a great crowd all night at the festival.

At 5:30am I drove the stragglers back to their motel and tried to go to bed, but then an offer to install my new kitchen taps came via sms at 6.04am, saying they’d be there in an hour. So we did some plumbing work at 7.30, even though the body of a wrestler was asleep on my futon just 3m away! haha.

In the end, I didn’t get to sleep at all, and I’ve said before but I do think sleep deprivation is on par with a hangover. I felt like shit, only that shit didn’t start feeling better, but started feeling worse, and so I started the year with a full blown sinus infection.

Doctors here suck.

The doc I got in to see was running 50 minutes late, and so I was almost treated like I was in a rotating door. In and out in 3 minutes with a prescription for antibiotics and a bill for almost $60. My ears are so blocked I can hear myself speaking inside my head. I cough so much every night I can’t sleep. And I have panadol resistant headaches.

But I’m back at work. The world waits for no one I’m afraid.

And though I had a false start to the new year, I’m determined to get motivated. I’m back with Sonya tomorrow morning, and will start my Kinect fitness plan tonight (maybe ease into it with some Tai Chi). Have to take Betty walking more (she’s starting to get a belly like her mum!), and will diet shake it up a couple of times a week.

This year has to be better than last year, and I’m the only one who can make it so.


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